The Institute of Plant Virology is constituted by:

Turin headquarters (formerly Institute of Applied Plant Virology)
Grugliasco Support Unit (formerly Study Centre for Breeding and Biology of the Grapevine)
Bari Support Unit (formerly Centre for the Study of Virus Viroses of Mediterranean crops)

So far 47 people are working at the IVV (updated 06/06/2012): 26 researchers, 1 technologist, 11 people of the technical staff, 2 collaborators, 7 people of the administrative staff.

The Institute is also collaborating with 11 associated professors/researchers, 3 research fellows,  7 post-doc fellows,  2 grant recipients and 3 temporary technicians for greenhouses management, for a total of other 26 people.

The results of our research are often used for concluding agreements and obtaining funding from  public and private institutions. These results are mainly related to the phytosanitary production and certification of reproductive stocks, so they may be exploited by Regional and Provincial Administrations, Mountain communities, farmer associations and seed companies.

The Institute also offers technical advisory to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MiPAF: for example, setting up the strategy implemented to control the grapevine Flavescence dorée and to eradicate Pepino Mosaic Virus ) and to the Phytosanitary Inspection Services of several Italian Regions (for example, checking vegetative propagative material for virus presence).

The Institute offers training to phytosanitary officers, young graduates and extension by means of specific courses, seminars and guided visit to the Institute.

Many researchers of the Institute teach undergraduate and graduate courses at Universities in Italy and are involved in open laboratory activities for Public Agencies working in agriculture, High Schools and Associations of  farmers.