FLADO Subproject B

Studies on factors involved in repetitive Flavescence dorée epidemics in Piemonte region and strategies to overcome them.

Grapevine Flavescence dorée is the most economically important phytoplasma disease of grapevine in Piemonte, as Bois noir phytoplasma infection is endemic in few areas and it does not cause major yield losses. A new outburst of FD was recorded in Piemonte in 2010.

In most of the areas, the outburst was associated with a high population density of Scaphoideus titanus, vector of the phytoplasma, but in other areas this was not the case. In 2010, a high infection level was also recorded in 4 – 5 year old vineyards. On the other hand, in other areas of the Region, no FD outburst was recorded in the same year. The project aims at elucidating the causes of the different epidemiological behavior of FD within the viticultural areas of the Piemonte Region.

The project sees the collaboration of Turin University (Di.Va.P.R.A.),  local wine growers, the Catholic University of Piacenza, the Phytosanitary Sector of Piedmont Region, Studio Pegaso.


Research activity

  • Grapevine and its intracellular pathogens