FLADO Subproject F

 Studies on factors involved in repetitive Flavescence dorée epidemics in Piemonte region and strategies to overcome them.

This study wants to explore the different aspects linked to the transmission of phytoplasmas, agents responsible of FD and LN, using propagation materials and linked to water thermotherapy against these agents (wood materials coming from recovered plants, efficiency of water thermotherapy in particular against LN, checking of young grafted grapevine submitted to various thermotherapy treatment).

The project also includes a study on the labelling of propagation material in order to track water thermotherapy. Besides we will continue the analysis , which was begun years ago, relative to the content in phytoagents (ABA) in woods material submitted to water thermotherapy.

This study will be supported by another one in order to value some genes expression in recovered plants and in FD infected plants by real time PCR. The interested genes are the ones linked to hydrogen peroxide catabolism and this part of the projects has the aim to understand better stress mechanism into cell body and their relationship with recovery of phytoplasmas diseases.

Project supervisor : Franco Mannini. Commissioning body: Piedmont Region – Regional Operative Program: “ Regional competitiveness and job”, F.E.S.R. 2007/2013 Start date: 2010 Conclusion date :2012 Headquarter: Grugliasco Unit.

Research activity

  • Grapevine and its intracellular pathogens