IVDB – AGER Italian Vitis Database

An Italian Vitis database with multidisciplinary approach for the exploitation and the valorization of regional genotypes.

Cooperative project involving other four Italian research institutions for the development of an application (already constructed) and its implementation with genetic and morphological profiles, cultural traits, and oenological properties of Italian grape cultivars of national, regional and local relevance. The studied grape DNA polymorphism refers to the 9 consensus microsatellites markers adopted from the international scientific community and a set of about 10.000 SNPs recently developed in Vitis. The Plant Virology Institute contributes to the enhancement of the application platform, and to the database implementation with data of 100 accessions (grape cultivars and clones) from the regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley, and with the genetic profiles of varieties from other Italian regions.




Research activity

  • Grapevine and its intracellular pathogens