Co-ordination in research on genetic resistance to control plant pathogenic viruses and their vectors in European crops (FOOD-CT-2005-006961)

Co-ordinated action in the Sixth Framework Programme – Food Quality and Safety, aimed to co-ordinating new ways to control plant pathogenic virus diseases, and their vectors, by developing durable genetic resistance in crops. IVV participate into the project with  know-how on: contribution to the project: i) identification, classification, structural biology and molecular haracterisation of viruses and virus-like agents; ii) epidemiological studies on plant viruses and virus-like agents; iii) improvement of the sanitary status of nursery material by clonal and sanitary selection and sanitation of infected clones; iv) search for sources of resistance to virus infections and their introduction into crop species by conventional and non-conventional methodologies; vii) investigation of resistance mechanisms.


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Research activity

  • Plant/Virus interaction