VIPLASMI. Subproject C

Studies on the grapevine phytoplasmas and their vectors: varietal susceptibility and efficiency of FD acquisition, characterization, distribution and vectors of Bois Noir, techniques to reduce their harmfulness.

Subproject C deals with the improvement of detection protocols specifically for grapevine areas in Piedmont: in particular we will simplify RT-PCR based methods for multiple detection of FD, LN and grapevine viruses from a single extract. Specifically, we will develop a qRT-PCR detection method for both yellows causing phytoplasmas (FD and LN), for leafroll viruses (GLRaV1 and GLRaV3) and corky wood virus (GVA), from the same grapevine leaf extract. Furthermore we will synthesize a partial genomic library from FD infected periwinkle, in order to look for alternative genes allowing the improvement of the correlation with phytoplasma metabolic activity, which is often not optimal when using ribosomal RNA as in the detection methods.


Research activity

  • Grapevine and its intracellular pathogens