VIPLASMI Subproject E

Studies on the grapevine phytoplasmas and their vectors: varietal susceptibility and efficiency of FD acquisition, characterization, distribution and vectors of Bois Noir, techniques to reduce their harmfulness.

The sub-project aimed at better understanding  the effects of hot-water treatments performed to eliminate FD and BN phytoplasmas from grapevine propagation materials; in particular, analyses were performed to assess possible physiological and biochemical changes in carbohydrate reserves (sugars, starch) and in the endogenous ABA content. Experiment was performed both early (Februray) and late (April) before  grafting.
In addition, micropropagated cultures were established from FD-infected rootstocks, as well as from healthy grapevine plants for other sub-projects activities.


Research activity

  • Grapevine and its intracellular pathogens