• Research activity

    The Institute of Plant Virology (IVV) is involved in :

    • Biological  and molecular  characterization of virus, viroids and phytoplasmas  in crop plants.
    • Diagnosis of plant viruses and virus-like pathogens. Diagnostic kit development to study common or new plant viroses.
    • Biological and molecular interactions between plants and viruses/virus-like pathogens.
    • Genomic, transcription and proteomic aspects of the interaction between viruses /viroids and plants (especially tomato, grapevine and peach) and between viruses or viruses-like pathogens and their vector insects.
    • Genetic and sanitary improvement of  grape germplasm.
    • Strategies of conventional and non conventional resistance against important diseases of horticultural, ornamental and fruit tree species (e.g.tomato and grapevine).
    • Plant biotechnologies to synthesize wild-type or modified proteins that can be useful for healthcare, either human or animal.

     Activities are organized into projects and are divided into different research lines (orders and RSTL).