Conventional and non-conventional resistance

AG.P01.014 Conventional and non-conventional resistance to important crop virus and phytoplasmas

Agricultural production is limited in quantitative and qualitative aspects by attacks of pathogen organisms. While fight against fungi and bacteria is based on different active ingredients, treatment against viruses is not possible and the only way to avoid damages is prevention.

The best way to prevent viral infections is using resistant varieties, but they are not always available. The present research aims to obtain varieties which are resistant to viral infections, using breeding conventional methods and genetic engineering non conventional techniques. The study also aims to improve our knowledge about plant response to infections in terms of genetic modulation, in order to modify identified processes and improve plants abilities to react against pathogen agents attack.

Also phytoplasmas represent an economic threat for various crops. The detailed knowledge of the molecular bases that regulate interactions among phytoplasmas, plant and vector could give a useful innovative and alternative approach to insecticide treatments for the defence of main crops.



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