Plant/Virus interaction

AG.P01.010. Biological and molecular plants interactions with viruses and virus-like pathogen agents.

Viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas cause important diseases in cultivated plants, leading to serious economic damages in agricultural and environmental fields. Studies of biological aspects of these agents and knowledge of pathogenesis and molecular mechanisms responsible of host, pathogen and vector connections are important to develop diagnostic instruments and antiviral strategies to improve quality and food security in crops.

The project is based on new methods to identify viruses, viroids and pathogen phytoplasmas of  crops, with particular attention to the study of infection, replication, pathogenesis and host defence response (genic silencing) and relationship with vector insects. Studying the  interactions between pathogen agents and host cells helps to understand the mechanisms of cellular physiology. The study of the molecular biology of some viruses allowed the use of these agents as expression vectors of important biomedical proteins.

The final aim of this project is crops quality and quantity improvement and biodiversity protection.


  • ORTOSPO – Epidemiological study to define methods to fight Irish yellow spot virus (IYSV) and research about presence of other important virosis in Piedmont horticulture. In Plant/Virus interaction
  • SELGE – Regional network of laboratories. In Plant/Virus interaction
  • Biosensors in phytodiagnostics. In Plant/Virus interaction