Annalisa Giampetruzzi

Dr. Annalisa Giampetruzzi achieved a degree in “Biological Sciences” in 2004 at the “University of Bari”. After obtaining the title of Master for “Expert technician in phytopatological diagnosis” in 2006, she started her collaboration with the research group of Institute of Plant Virology (IVV) of CNR UOS-Bari. In 2009 she started her activities of PhD with the aim of studying the molecular interactions between viruses and  grapevine genome, through a characterization of the populations of the plant endogenous small RNAs ( miRNAs , trans- acting siRNA , heterochromatic small RNAs ) and small viral RNAs. In 2012 she got her PhD defending a thesis entitled: “Comparative profiling of smallRNAs in virus-infected and healthy grapevine plants .” In the course of PhD research she optimized the techniques for the isolation of siRNAs, for the preparation and Illumina sequencing technology with libraries of small RNAs, and started to be interested in the  bioinformatic analysis of the data obtained from this sequencing approach, using and comparing different specific bioinformatics tools and pipelines for the analysis of NGS data . The activities  of bioinformatics research, she has done,  was also the subject of study during the period of PhD research spent at the “Department of Botany and Plant Pathology and Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing ” (Oregon State University , Corvallis , USA). She focused her studies in the application of NGS techniques as an advanced diagnostic tool for plant virus diagnosis of known and unknown viral agents. In 2012 she was the recipient of a research fellowship at the IVV for the study of the mechanisms of cross-protection in plants infected with Citrus tristeza virus. From March 2013 to present hold a post-doctoral research fellowship within the Project CISIA -CNR and carries her research activities for the metagenomic characterization of clones and biotypes of grapevines. Currently she is involved in a research project about a new virus diseases in Trentino and has established an international collaboration in the context of European Projects aimed at the analysis of next-generation sequencing data ( AllBio Bioinformatics KBBE.2011.3.6 -02)


  • 2012 - Identification and Characterization of Citrus yellow vein clearing virus, A Putative New Member of the Genus Mandarivirus - Loconsole,G., Önelge,N., Potere,O., Giampetruzzi, A., Bozan, O., Satar, S., De Stradis A., Savino V., Yokomi, R.K. & Saponari M. - Phytopathology, 1168-1175