Laura Miozzi


In the PhD, I focused my attention on the molecular basis of the interaction between the mycorrhizal fungus Tuber borchii and Cistus. I then investigated the microbial diversity in truffle ground soils and in orchids endophytic fungi.

Since 2004, I focused my attention on bioinformatics, working in the computational biology group at the Dep. of Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Torino; my activity was mainly focused on development of data-mining approaches for gene functional annotation, based on expression data.

Since 2006, I work as bioinformatics at the IVV, where I study the molecular basis of plant-virus interaction, using both transcriptomic (microarray) and next generation sequencing approaches, with particular attention to the role of small RNAs. My research mainly focuses on the molecular basis of interactions between tomato plants and the viruses TSWV and TYLCSV. I also developed a bioinformatics approach for the functional annotation of tomato genes, based on conserved co-expression among the Solanaceae. I collaborate with the Dep. of Plant Biology, Univ. of Torino to study the effect of mycorrhization on  plant responses to viruses.



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