Emanuela Noris

Master in Agricultural Science in 1986; PhD in Cell Biology and Immunology. Researcher at Istituto Guido Donegani, SpA Montedison/Enichem; Researcher at IVV CNR since 2001. Author of above 35 in international journals (h-index 2012 = 18, WoS). Co-author of 3 international patents.

Scientific interests: molecular biology of plant viruses, mainly geminiviruses inducing Tomato yellow leaf curl disease; gene function of geminivirus proteins, including the Replication associated protein and the coat protein and its role in virion formation and virus transmission by insects; Virus resistance and plant-virus response, including gene silencing. Responsible of the CNR RSTL Plant Biotechnology for Human Health and  participant in the European Project “Plant production of vaccines”, aimed at using plants as biofactories to express proteins useful in medical and veterinary field.




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